Thursday, September 13, 2007

Islam 101

In week 4 we will be introduced to the Islamic Faith with the help of Asmahan Sallah, so come ready with your questions. Also be ready discuss the assigned reading by Dale Eickleman & Jon Anderson “Redefining Muslim Publics”.

In order to help prepare I also encourage you to check out the following web sites related to Islam: Islam Online , Researcher Gary Bunt's Virtually Islamic blog and website and
And for information on Islam in Aggieland check out the Muslim Student Association and the Islamic Community of Bryan-College Station.

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Michele Ebbole said...

Although the Islamic media is making strides to critically analyze the political situations in regions like Darfur and Dubai, they still may be guilty of keeping things "nice, not news". Islamic journalists are instructed not to use certain words or phrases that may incite violence between religious sects, and these unspoken rules are frustrating to many journalists covering stories.